Va Unan – Post Mortem

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December 19th, 2011 9:56 am

Tools: Photoshop / Construct 2 / / cfxr / GarageBand


Va Unan is a 3rd person from top view game, where you arrive to a strange place and must activate glyphs to open doors and escape from this place.

 What went Right: 

>>  Timing. I never felt any lack of time and my progress was constant.

>>  Workflow. I started with designs on paper (filling 4 categories: MECHANICS, AESTHETICS, TECHNOLOGY and STORY). Then I made some art and put it into Construct 2 to make the base mechanics and the gameplay. I went back to Photoshop and made all the artwork and sounds with cfxr. I made a playable version back to C2 and voila!

>>  Early prototyping. Even if I was unsure of the final game idea I had main mechanics playable in a few hours.

>>  Work on two computer. It was a comfort to be able to use Photoshop and other creation tools on my Mac and assemble/compile on my PC (laptop). The key is a Ethernet cable!

What went wrong:

>> My laptop broke. The 2nd day, my laptop did not turn on anymore. I decided to remove the hard drive and continue on my Windows partition on my mac, but one of the 4 screws holding my HD was broken so I drilled the broken screw and continued as projected, switching from windows to mac by restarting my computer. About 3h were spent in that.

 >>  Unknown tools. I learnt Construct 2 during the comp.

 >>  Unprepared. I decided to participate a few hours before the theme announcement, so I wasn’t prepared at all.

 >>  Strange theme. The theme was a bit too large. I would have preferred a theme that forces me to think about game mechanics more. “Alone” made me do an atmospheric game.

Time log:

Youtube video: Video! (no sound and image compression errors, it’s just so see the gameplay)


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