Worst Birthday Ever process

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December 18th, 2011 1:30 pm

So anyway. I only had about 5 hours to work on this one, a couple hours in the evenings, as we had guests over and stuff like that.

I woke up, checked the theme, and thought about it. What is “alone”, really? Absence of other people who are supposed to be there. I thought about making a game where you’re living a normal day, think you see people, but when you go there, they’re a mirage or something. But that would have been a massive content load and doesn’t really have any point..

So I thought about.. what if we hold a party.. and nobody came?

While doing some babysitting, I used some crayons and drew art for a maniac mansiony game. Sort of. Very simplified.

When I got time to actually work on the game, I scanned these in, created one wide texture in photoshop, placing all items where I wanted them, and then blew up the graphics using my Koalizer filter (which can be found on my site) and destroying the resolution.

It looked better while windowed, but I always planned the game to be played fullscreen. In retrospec, 160×100 pixel resolution MIGHT be a bit too little for modern audiences..

Anyway, during the first couple hours I got all of the above done, plus loaded up in OpenGL, with a person walking and you could click on things and it would say things about the clicked things. But there was no game.

It’s strange, but I got really stressed about this project, enough that it affected my sleep. I’ve never gotten such things from LD games before. And I’ve thrown in the towel more than a couple times, and it’s not a biggie.

Anyway, I decided to go with a look/use interface, with a couple cutscenes. You’d do things and eventually hit the bed, as nobody came, and reach game over. Designing a few (short) action chains you have to go through and hacking them in (and they are a hack!) took most of the rest of the time.

So there it is, for what it’s worth – hope you have more fun with this game than I’m expecting you to =)

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