Wow what an cool weekend!
This LD I was able to finish my game in time and it feels so good!!!

Even though I did finish in time, there’s some things that were not completed like I wanted it. There’s not as much challenge as I wanted and not enough puzzle. Also, there’s a bug that needed a complete rethinking of my movement code and it wasn’t happening too often so I left it in the game.

Now the positive side! My game is complete and it was done in 48 hours. I’m happy with the result and I think it’s not the best game in the compo but it’s fun and it looks alright I think.

What is my game? Well, it’s a puzzle game where you move rocks to their respective switches. Simple.

What went right :

  • I was able to concentrate on getting a game done instead of making a game engine
  • I had some sleep (but not enough)
  • I had coffee to drink
  • I got an idea right at the beginning
  • My “engine” was simple

What went wrong : (I did finish anyway)

  • I got stuck on irritating bug
  • I didn’t have enough pizza
  • Sleep…

I’m really happy that I was able to finish in time. Now i’ll go sleep and let you play my game. If you do play it please leave your comments and your thoughts about the game, it’s really appreciated.

You can play the Temple of Loneliness here : play here

And if you want the source : source here
(You shouldn’t look at it because it’s really ugly and I don’t program like that irl 😉 )


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  1. asharwood says:

    Oh, fun game. I enjoyed the puzzles and the graphics were a nice retro look. Takes you back. It was interesting being able to learn the mechanics of the game while playing. It would be nice to have more lives so that you don’t start back at the very beginning if you die, but that is ok (or at least when you die start you back at the beginning of the puzzle. The puzzles were quick and sweet that it didn’t take long to get back to where you were. Good job.

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