Submitted, like a boss.

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December 18th, 2011 7:41 pm

Sort of. Didn’t think I would cut it so fine but I worked right up until the last hour, then ran into scary server problems trying to upload the thing! Thankfully the upload deadline was extended and I managed to get it uploaded.
This is the first LD I’ve properly taken part in, and it was definitely an experience. I’m no game programmer so this was pretty tough, and I have learned a lot about how I will prepare for the next LD (program architecture, knowing the libraries, making sure you can build an executable etc :) )
I was surprised how fluid my game design was throughout the 2 days (by fluid, i mean I kept dropping features)

and I think it was a mistake to try and write particle/entity/level renderer/collision all in 2 days. I quite like the game I came up with in the end but sadly the code is so terrible that if I wanted to expand the game i’d probably have to rewrite the whole thing!
The game is called “Fernands War” – it’s a pixel art-ish thrust like thing with a bit of a story. If you play it, try to discover the story bits as i think it adds something to the game.

anyway, well done to all the fools who took part in this, even if you didn’t finish it’s good experience for the next time! 😀


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