Slightly Puggled

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December 18th, 2011 1:07 am

The theme hasn’t been kind to me, this time.
I’ve had a lot of blank ideas and dead ends, and while I did finally settle on one.. it didn’t quite go to plan, so I’m in a bit of a puggled state just now.

While a chunk of yesterday was taken up with sleep and shopping, I did try quickly putting together a game.
It was going to be called Infiltrate, and be a bird’s eye view styled thing, where you run around a complex, taking enemies out, and blowing stuff up. Sortof like Commandos, except you’re all alone and have no backup, or much tools apart from what you find.
However, after committing the cardinal sin of “NOT SETTING UP TOOLS BEFORE THE COMPETITION” the majority of the day was wasted getting them ready… and seeing as I’d need a reasonable amount of art and scripted logic to get that going, it’s been shelved for the moment. I’m not exactly speedy with any kind of art, and I’m not fully competent in the land of JavaScript and HTML5 as yet to attempt something as crazy big without the full amount of time available.
The design is done however, so I may adapt it later for something else.

So, with it now being into the second day and nothing to my name, what am I going to do now?
I’m going to have a cup of tea to help wake up a bit more, sketch out some ideas over the next hour, then get a-cracking!

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