Puzzle Design headaches

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December 18th, 2011 1:30 am

Well, things are looking slightly different.  On the plus side, the revised form of my mechanic seems to have a lot more potential than my old one.  The idea is that you get to “alonify” entities, and essentially make one instance of it exist and make the other ones not-exist.  I admit it’s kind of a stretch on the theme, but hopefully I’ll be able to weave it in with narrative, in the style of “The Company of Myself”.

Anyhow, before I actually had the other instances of the objects being deleted, but now instead I’m having them fade out so you can walk through them, but they still exist and you can toggle which one of the objects is physical by using your sparklies on that one.  This also means you can actually get stuck between two barriers, so I added a respawn function that restarts a level for you (looking more and more like the company of myself, really).

Now I’m sitting here scratching my head…the only thing harder than solving puzzles is making puzzles…I still don’t really get how this one works.

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