Planet Earth Is Blue, And There’s Nothing I Can Do

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December 18th, 2011 9:27 pm


So pumped to have finished my first Ludum Dare entry! (And first real finished game project period!) It was down to the wire time-wise but I was able to implement nearly all of the features I wanted. I even had enough time to make a font, some passable sprites and backgrounds, and bang out almost 7 minutes of actually decent music, the latter done in 5 hours on Saturday night – no huge technical hurdles code-wise except for a few XNA SpriteBatch quirks. Somehow I made a fully playable, fun, challenging game! Hooray! Timelapse video forthcoming.


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  1. Irish Taxi Driver says:

    Had a lot of fun:

    -The idea feels really fresh (at least I’ve never seen a shmup like that)
    -The controls were weird until I got that hang of them, I agree with the comment that WASD + mouse might’ve been better
    -Maybe moving the egg locator to the bounds of the screen?
    -Level boundaries need to be more clear as well, or maybe it just wraps to the other side of the screen?
    -What it needs, I’d say a scoring system, maybe a combo multiplier for kills without getting hit
    some variation in the shooting, like enemies dropping missiles that you can fire for AOE damage
    -Some feedback that your weapons are damaging the enemy, like them flashing red
    when they get hit

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