LeMur: Dev is a retard

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December 18th, 2011 4:07 pm

What are you serious???

For over 6 hours I have been fighting to figure out why I’m getting NOTHING displayed on my tiles. I mean the arrays are right on spot, so what gives. I am also being thrown off since I have never built a “game” before in flash and I have NEVER EVER USED CLASSES. Yeah you heard me. No classes. Ok so that was completely lame, but I found that I was setting the tile back one frame too many. There is no freakin 0 frame. What they hell, such a stupid noob mistake. The only reason I found it is because I decided to push past it and keep working blind as if I knew that it should actually work. Well it was working EXACTLY as I programmed it to work.

So I most likely wont meet the deadline, but I am obviously learning tons and tons that I wouldn’t have had I not participated. Which to me is efffing awesome. Having a blast with my primary level game and happy that I am getting somewhere with it.


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  1. Um… calm down, mate. This stuff happens to the best of us. There’s still the jam, which goes for 24h after the compo. That’s where I’m headed, me.

  2. pythong says:

    btw, learning is one of the awesome points of LD. in the best case you start a new language/framework/whatever right before LD. because then you’re forcing yourself to learn, while a normal person most of the time says to himself ‘yeah yeah, like this and like that, should work’

    also, there’s always a next time

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