I’m out

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December 18th, 2011 12:06 am


I’m so sad. I have been looking forward to Ludum Dare for so long that it sucks that I have to pull out now. But I am completely burned out from finals week coming into this, and the more I continue, the less I enjoy it. If I kept going, I’d probably hate programming games forever. So I’ll leave now, and hopefully come back to the next one better and brighter.

Here’s what my idea was, if anyone is interested:

You are stranded alone, in the future. You have the ability to go back in time, but only for five seconds, so you can affect future things by modifying the past.

You also have a gun that shoots things into the past/future (wherever you are not). Unfortunately, no one has invented a reflective surface that you know of, but if only you could find one, because then you could shoot yourself into the past… hehe.

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  1. TehWut says:

    I had finals as well, in fact I should be studying now….F*ck that shit!

  2. Sheep says:

    Sad to hear, I really liked your idea :)

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