I finally can sleep!

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December 18th, 2011 9:10 pm

The Darkness You Wander Alone

dywa titlescreen

This is a short retro-acion-platformer. You are wielding the sword of swords to shoot your way though darkness and hordes of mysterious hostile creatures. Enjoy!
I spent most of the available time on that darkness/vignetting effect and on playing around with sine wave interference (which you can see in the title screen), but I think that was worth it. I’d love to add more content, a story and an actual ending – we’ll see…
Also, this was not only my first Ludum Dare but this is the first game I ever released.

Controls: Arrow keys + Z + X

The tools I used:
– Game Maker 6.1
– Musagi and Audacity (sound)
– Gimp (some graphics)

This is Eelfroth, signing off. I was in!

EDIT: Does anybody have the new Game Maker version and can compile the game for mac, please?

Download for Windows
Download Source
Submission page

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  1. Hempuli says:

    Lovely! The aesthetic is really wonderful.

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