Half way (sort of)

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December 18th, 2011 2:54 am

I don’t intend to go without sleep, so I consider this the half-way point. Its about 10:00 am GMT, so I need to get back into it!

I’ve run with the loneliness/sadness connotations of ‘Alone’ and made a side-scrolling Philosophy-em-up platformer. Just one level so far, and theres no win condition yet. The idea is that you are a philosopher and must overcome your own self-doubt.

The central mechanic is that there are two levels overlaid on top of each other, that phase in/out depending on your level of existential doubt. If you feel secure in your beliefs then you see/collide with the normal material world, but if you slip into existential crisis then you see only a world of sadness and woe. You’ll need both in order to complete each level.

The enemies are bystanders that shoot asinine banalities at you, and swirling clouds of tumultuous uncertainty.

My progress so far

Feeling confident and cautiously optimistic. I got a lot done yesterday, and so I’m hopeful I’ll have something at least vaguely playable by 2am! Now back to CB2 to rejoin the super-awesome Cambridge indies.

Good luck all.

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