Defeated by a Car – Time and Stamina ran out

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December 18th, 2011 2:32 pm

I am Defeated:

I will still submit a game, but I doupt it will have anything I intended to have, As much as it pains me to leave it so unfinished atleast as I planned for my original plan. I was mainly aiming for the mood part, But I can see that trying to achive that in Unity would take a whole bunch of polish.

I am too tired right now to try focus properly on further assets creation. I am going to polish up the existing assets and add more Textures to the scene, but I seriously cannot make more assets within the amount of time remaining…. :(

Here is a list of assets I would still have to create:

  • Random Family Car *
  • Truck of Pet food *
  • Lockbox *
  • Phonebox *
  • Vandalized Phonebox *
  • Diner interior
  • Counter with a workable Cashmachine (with pressable buttons, drawer) ** (just counter now)
  • A Couple of Notecards *
  • Closed Cardboard box full of “Kittens”
  • 4by4
  • Monster of the Shadow *

* Are cut out from the submitted version


I definitely wrote my self into a corner: I would have create a couple of large scale assets still – before being even able to begin doing map it self, But I will not have enough time to create the following objects, and then design some sound effects. Should have definetly done a smaller scene.

I will put more details during the post-competition.

Probably the biggest fault I ran into was simply the fact that I was not completely familiar with Unity 3D, and cross object communication/identification, as well as fiddling around trying to do object animations through script, instead of simply making animations for the objects.

Fortunately, I came to this competition with the goal of learning, and So I did: A whole bunch actually especially when it comes to user-object interaction and the sort..

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