At last, I finished! T_T

Posted by (twitter: @deepnightfr)
December 18th, 2011 8:48 pm

I’m totally exhausted : it’s 4:45am here in France… The game is a little hard (like any hardcore platformer should be, hey!) but I hope it won’t be too disheartening.. The game looks almost like I imagined it, but I regret the audio part: took me too much time and wasn’t especially pleasant.

Have fun!

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5 Responses to “At last, I finished! T_T”

  1. asharwood says:

    fun game. I enjoyed it, though it took a few tries to figure out what the objective of the game was. The graphics are fantastic. Very unique and would love to see such a style in other games. Controls were good though a quick note on what the controls are would have been nice (even though it is sort of obvious). Great job.

  2. nSun says:

    The music is well for me. (Ok i don’t listennig during 24/48h…)

    The game-play is very nice, as a part of “metroid Fusion” on GBA, when Samus Aran is pursued by her clone.

    I feel as if you collect more balls, shadow-dog will comming faster.

    Thre is a second ending ? If we catch all balls without a fail ?

  3. deepnight says:

    Yes there is an actual real ending (if you catch all the balls) 😉

  4. kill0u says:

    Looks great, as always.

    However, I can’t play… The game won’t go any further than the scene where the dog is chasing the ball on the road =/

  5. kill0u says:

    It works now… and it’s really good o/
    It took me a few times to get all the balls, but I couldn’t stop before collecting all of them :)

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