Adventuring is hard stuff…

Posted by (twitter: @TheYayahkeekoot)
December 18th, 2011 10:55 am

Soon after completing stairs to the final boss (and the final boss himself) our heroes promptly died of fatigue. They were later found and resurrected unceremoniously by Gabriel’s mother, who decided that to shove pancakes down our throat was some sort of ultimate cure to sleepiness… We’re still tired, but full.

We’re back on track after a half ┬áhour of powernapping and some food/energy drinks. We will beat ┬áthis.

And so the heroes continue their epic journey to defeat the Ludum Jam and claim their rightful place among the gods of the internet… Help them conquer their one true obstacle, Kittens! xD Not really, i’m just extremely tired still…
Moar stuff laterzzz. :3

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