30th Hour Update

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December 18th, 2011 1:46 am

Time is running out.

It all starts from a cube

I decided to not even try doing texture until I have all of my Gameplay done: continueing from previous: I finally got that door simplified, and then worked on a point and click mechanic for the game it self, Al thought in my humble opinion the missing audio and visual aspects may simply degrade mood of loneliness. Oh well.

So far, all seems to be good: Althought the door it self seems to bug up with its physics, if the player happens to be next to it when opening it. (it will remain closed until the player goes out of the “Range” at which it opened at. But that is a minor bug, and Probably wont be fixed in the final compo submission.

So for now , I’m working on the interaction mechanics: So far everything is identified in the HUD and gets removed from the world when interacted with. There is a minor bug, which mainly related probably to where the “Ray” is coming from in vs where the camera is, but that’s pretty straight forward to fix.

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