Update 2 – Half-Way Through Day Two

Posted by (twitter: @BlackBulletIV)
December 17th, 2011 10:05 pm

Well things are coming along, progress is being made at a rapid pace, though I’m really afraid it won’t be enough; we’ll see I guess. Anyway, since last time I’ve had a whole bunch of stuff, such as lighting, more tiles, doors, switches, an enemy type, and so on. Here’s a screenshot:

Screenshot showing lighting and more

Screenshot showing lighting and more (note that the image is squished a bit due to WordPress)

That’s all for now. Good luck everyone!

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  1. dr_soda says:

    I like the various lantern in the dark motifs I’ve seen in various screenshots during this competition. Good choice.

  2. Yeah, for me it’s the key to conveying the somewhat fearful/anxious feeling I want to give.

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