Some progress from before the nap

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December 17th, 2011 4:01 pm

Phew! Some 4-5 hours ago I was tired, too tired to post, so I took a nap.

Here’s what I had then:

The Red Collision. The green circle means the other two are touching.

So as it turns out, the theme was absolutely perfect (and no, I didn’t rig the vote). I’ve been working on a commercial game for the past couple months called “Alone, The“, but it’s big, it’s 3D, and taking a long time. So during Warmup Weekend, I had the wild idea of doing a de-make of the game in HTML5. To be honest, I’ve never seriously worked in JavaScript before, so there was much to learn (and still learn).

So over a few hours last weekend, I managed to create some simple art, and get some tile-map rendering working. I put the code online in a slightly modified form as my basecode/library, in case I had a good idea for a Compo game. But I’ll be honest, I really want to make this demake of my primary project, and I like the page of art I’ve done so far, so to be fair I’ll be entering the Jam instead.

Eicking up where I left off, I now have map scrolling and object vs object collision (not to mention actual objects). I added some debug functionality to show the radius of objects, the radius of their currently equipped weapons, and the volumes of the per-tile collision. Right now though, I need to make object versus tile collisions work. I kinda wish I had spent time during the week getting all the collision stuffs working, but that’s alright. I’m jamming anyway. If I can get that done in the next 4 hours, that’ll have me in a good state for day 1.

So my goal for the 72 hours is to get a basic playable game working. It wont be very fun, but should be functional. I plan to continue working above and beyond Ludum Dare, but I should be able to get a very strong foundation working within the 72.

Stuff I’d like to finish:

  • Dummy map, manually created in code (skipping random generation for now).
  • Several enemies with very basic AI (if enter sight, go towards you)
  • Basic Combat
  • Several weapons to pick up (knife, sword)
  • Multiple Attacks per weapon type (slash, stab)
  • Barebones Inventory
  • Sound and Music

Doable for sure, it just has to be done. The Ludum Dare website seems to be running great (at least I haven’t seen any problems), so my interruptions shouldn’t be too many (just a few hours tomorrow, and a few Monday). I’d like to have something playable by the time the Jam clock strikes zero.

Anyways, it’s 6 PM now, which means 3 hours. Back to work! Gotta finish the collision!

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