Rise and Shine, for Dig Dig Dig!

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December 17th, 2011 10:26 pm

It’s 4pm and time for the amatuer Dig Dig Dig! team to gear up into speed.
After a night of being up to 2am (watching three episodes of ‘Samurai Girls’ ; not a very good anime, I must admit) we were back into action by reading up on speculative collsions.

Our game currently contains a working title screen (with awesome music), a game where you can mine blocks (sounds too) with different hardness, randomly generated levels, a base and a player.

Today we have added in resource bar, a home base and gravity. Throughout today we are hoping to add inĀ  random mineral veins, caves, ambient lighting, lava pockets, a shop and a small gamemode.

That is our game update. To remind you our livestreams are located at http://www.spujika.info/ld and we will be back later tonight.

Our title screenOur game so far, please ignore the base placeholder.


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