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December 17th, 2011 7:10 am

It seems that 12 hours have passed since the compo started. It’s time to look back on what I have accomplished in this 12 hours.

I’m going to start with a small description of what is going on in the game:

The game takes place in a vritual environment (tron-like grids). Both the player and his enemies are virtual bots, living in cyber space. The player’s goal is to collect the “Intelligence” briefcase, and send it to the drop off zone. You win points by scoring touchdowns (dropping the Intelligence in the designated area), you loose points if you get killed.

The enemies (baddies as I like to call them) are not hostile towards you at first, but become so when you steal their precious briefcase. In order to reach the drop zone, the player must push (while carrying the briefcase) through the enemy lines. Once the touchdown occurs, the briefcase is reset to it’s original position.

Think of it as a Top-Down Shooter meets Team Fortress 2 and American Football. Up till know I have the following things working:

  • Player controls
  • Collision and Gravity
  • Enemy spawning and a shitty AI that starts to follow you when you pick up the briefcase
  • Dropping and picking up the briefcase
  • Player bullets (enemy bullets to be added soon)

Here’s a rough concept of the playing field:

Here’s a Screenshot:

What do you guys think?


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  1. Sawtan says:

    Sounds like you got the basics figured out! Time to polish the gameplay then! It’s good progress for the first 12h, I’m still at the menu of things hehe, but I got the concept figured out now so now it’s a lot of code monkeying! I need to release a progress post soon as well!

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