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(-o^_^)-o Playable HUG MONSTER demo

Posted by (twitter: @RecursiveFrog)
December 17th, 2011 8:11 pm

Six levels. No title screen or end screen. Arrows move. Space jumps.

(-o^_^)-o Good luck! o-(^_^o-)

Play the Hugmonster Demo

4 Responses to “(-o^_^)-o Playable HUG MONSTER demo”

  1. TehWut says:

    Awesome game, actually quite fun 0_o
    but is there an issue with the jump? it seems a little unresponsive

    • dr_soda says:

      You’re right about the jumping. It’s one of the things I was mentioning earlier about not being entirely sure what Unity is doing under the hood with its forces. I can play with that later, though.

  2. TehWut says:

    also I don’t think you can beat the last level :P

    • dr_soda says:

      Haha, no you cannot beat the last level yet. :) I don’t have a “you win” screen made up just yet, and really I was more interested in making more levels with crazier requirements.

      I really wanted to have the hug monster go berserk and flip all kinds of switches and pitfalls for you as you continue on.

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