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Lunch time.

Posted by (twitter: @TyrusPeace)
December 17th, 2011 12:29 pm

I fixed some bugs in my jump/animation code that I wrote last night, and added some camera zooming/panning zones that seem like they’ll be pretty necessary for the vibe and gameplay.  I thought I had my light baking atlas work figured out for a decent workflow that wouldn’t result in hours-long bakes before release, but I was wrong and I’ll need to figure that out after lunch :'(.  Still though, I’ve added animations, fun feeling movement, a smooth panning camera and the all important player shadow dot since last time I posted.  Feeling good.

I plan to use some of Artist of the Fortnight‘s sweet CC tunes in my game. (oops, rules.  Maybe after the compo!)  I worked with him on Subatomic Kangaroo and was thrilled to see that most of his music is CC and thereby usable in the LD compo.

2 Responses to “Lunch time.”

  1. shockedfrog says:

    Unless the rules have changed recently, I’m pretty sure you can’t use that music in Compo entries. It’s fine for Jam entries, though.

    • TyrusPeace says:

      Dang, thanks for the heads up! I’ll see what I can make myself for LD48, but I may still release a post-compo version with his music in it some time after LD ends.
      The distinction between loops you have the rights to and full tracks is still a strange one to me, but I like the intent of the rules.

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