Frustrated LeMur update

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December 17th, 2011 9:05 pm

Piss in my grits

Seriously!! WTF???

So… yeah… I know that my skills LAG far behind many of the guys and gals here, but gessh power supply and HD troubles on top of it all. Good nite this is ludacrsipy-cream-donut-loving-anarchy. I am frustrated and I am not going to quit, but I did want to vent a little if anyone cares. I am trying to keep a log of progress (which isn’t s#!+ at the moment) through camtasia. However everytime I load my game and it’s assets one of my HD’s fails. I think it’s been traced back to a power supply issue. Can’t get one big enough to fix the issue in time, but I’ll just keep trying to power through and see if I can make due on my due date. If not I will still try to finish the game.

The decision on the game is to make a tile game that has 49 pieces. The lone hero only need make it to the door on a “randomly generated” side. Up to 10 tiles will be randomly “decayed” at game start. The hero will then score by picking up artifacts (up to 5 per level) and getting to the door. A 15s timer will count down for each level. This timer will decay random tiles increasing with time until 15sec is up. If the player doesn’t make it to the door or the 15s timer runs out the player DIES! As in Rougelike. As in not to come back or start a new game type. No save game bs. Each level boosts the score by it’s level number times the type of artifact gathered during that level. So if you get a 700 point artifact on level 3 you score 2100 points for the level.

By the way I am still in basic build time due to the issues so far. So nothing is even working at this point (LAME) :P.

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