Done for the first day! :-D

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December 17th, 2011 7:11 pm

My game after 24hrs! :-)

After 24hs, I managed to mostly complete my game engine. There are a few features missing, but I got all the mechanisms that I need to make my game:

  • Controls are all in.
  • Victory and Defeat conditions are in.
  • Level Selection and Unlocking are in.
  • Reading levels from text files is in.
  • Placeholder graphics and animations are in.

This means that tomorrow I can mostly concentrate on adding levels to make the game fun/challenging, and adding bells and whistles like images and sounds. I feel hopeful that, for someone who has never made a video game before, I will not embarrass myself :-)

My code, on the other had, is a complete mess. Hardcoded stuff all around, hacks to make the player and the world talk to each other. Very few comments. Objects and world tiles mashed together. Ugh Ugh. I must say that these first 24hrs of LD were great for me to learn some lessons in programming.

Anyway, here is the game. There is no content, but you can get a feel of how it works. You are an explorer, who has to find your way out of mazes. You can do it by yourself, or help people stuck in the maze. Some of them will give you powers, but they will also get in your way, and eat your food. Sometimes it is better to go alone…

Maze Explorers!

PS: If anyone could give me some hints of what exactly I should put in my manifest to make java skip all (or some) of those nasty warnings, I would be very very happy :-)

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