Do You Like Demos?

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December 17th, 2011 8:51 pm

I like people who like demos because they can tell me if these actually work!

Mac Version

Windows Version

Now, the instructions. The game will start with 4 dwarves in the corners of the screen, moving about and mining stuff. Whenever they mine stuff, you get points and money. Your goal, of course, is to get a lot of points. That seems pretty easy, given that the dwarves will do it without intervention from you. The problem is that dwarves will explode if they touch each other, and that’d be terrible. Thus, it is your duty to keep that from happening. There is a white bar to the right of the screen. Whenever it runs out, you have the ability to spend money to place traps, lures, and to empty spaces. Dwarves can see things in a 8-block radius, unless they’re blocked by a wall. Anything they can see if highlighted in yellow. You cannot place traps or anything within the sight of or next to the sight of a dwarf. Dwarves scream when they find another dwarf’s body, and the scream attracts all other dwarves in a large radius, so it is unwise to murder a lot of dwarves (well, it will be when more dwarves spawn, so don’t do it)

(Note that these are what is going to be easy mode, although more dwarves will spawn over time in the final version; for more of a challenge, don’t place anything every other round)

Well, that’s all I’m gonna do tonight. I’ll probably think about how to make it more “fun”; I feel that this game could use some more hectic gameplay (you should lose really quickly if you’re not trying).

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  1. thristhart says:

    Everything seems to be working!

    Cool concept, btw.

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