Been writing my self into a corner, fixing that.

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December 17th, 2011 10:06 am

Apparently the way How I’ve written my requirements, appears to be making me have some limited design issues:

The original game idea goes as follows and is laden with typical cliches, except that the ending is a twist

More after the break:

  The player is on a long car trip, however they run into bad luck and
run out of gas completely (someone probably syphoned it out  during the last stop),
and the phone has no signal.

Meanwhile You do not know what exactly is in the distance as it appears there’s something in the darkness.

He/She end up in the middle of nowhere, meaning they are unlikely to have anyone drive past atleast at in night, or if anyone else be in the area:

The small gas station appears to have been long abandoned,
There is a vandalised phone booth, the roof, your car, and the building it self

The player has to get into the abandoned building, turn on power, find a token, and call someone to not be so “alone” anymore.

the player returns to the car, and then continues ******** ********* which ********* the ***** in the ********** are ******  ****** of *** ********.

Forexample: My current area of an abandoned gas station / diner in the middle of no where simply is put way too dark. And logically speaking such buildings wouldnt have light since they would have been long abandoned (duh).

The only way How I might actually proceed further into a better direction is actually making it so that the the place isnt abandoned, but all of its occupants have simply dissapeared during the night..

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