At Least I Have A Plan?

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December 17th, 2011 5:33 pm

Very impressed with all the work so far!  I’m even farther behind than I’d hoped, but that’s what happens when you have a plan for half the possible outcomes and something you never anticipated gets voted into your lap.  I wasn’t thrilled with the theme announcement (my “randomly generated” game featuring gun-toting vampires, predatory aliens, superintelligent cyborg bears, and a bandana-wearing killing machine named John Randbo would’ve been awesome, you jerks), and rather than diving into coding the first terrible idea I had, I dawdled, watched Notch tackle the problem with more ease than I could manage, irresponsibly spent a few hours accidentally brainstorming a great way for the writer and musician I’m trying to start a studio with to get their work noticed before learning some soulless capitalists had somehow retroactively stolen my idea, and justified eating dinner and sleeping by telling myself the best seed of an idea I had needed to germinate.  And it has germinated; whether I can put down the proper roots in only 24 hours remains dubious at best, but I’m prepared for a marathon coding session.  My working title is Omnicider – the idea is to turn the theme on its head and discard the notion that being alone is somehow a “bad” thing and make it the goal.  My protagonist is a mad scientist-type whose only desire is to be alone, even if he has to kill everyone else on the planet to get there!  Killbots, an orbital death platform, and shooting down pesky Earth-borne missiles with a particle cannon are the gameplay elements; part RTS, part Missile Command, all fun?  I may have to fall back to the Jam if things don’t proceed smoothly, but I’m not giving up until my failure is entirely obvious.

I’ve never been actively encouraged to generate anything resembling a food blog, so I produced a suitably epic vegan breakfast to start my coding session:

Clockwise from the top left, you’re looking at unsugared grapefruit with pineapple, off-brand Gloomios with thawed blueberries and soymilk, hot miso soup with potatoes, leeks, deep-fried tofu, wakame, and soba noodles, a large cup of home-roasted Sumatran coffee AKA “the strong stuff”, soymelet with steamed broccoli, fried mushrooms, and green onions, and margarined toast.  Hearty and perhaps a little extravagant, yes, but don’t ever let anyone tell you that vegans can’t be foodies.

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  1. saintofpenguins says:

    Oh hell yes! I like the sound of the game, but more importantly, love the looks of the food!
    You’re not alone… I’ve spent more time preparing and enjoying vegan goodies this weekend than that whole game thing… right, time to get cracking on that.

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