Good news:

I am well-rested, just had lunch, took a shower, room is clean, I started brainstorming ideas and have a sort-of-solidifying idea in my head, and I just created my project and github repository.

Bad news:

We’re at T minus 1 day + 3 hours and I haven’t actually done ANY coding on my game yet.


Well, I’ll still try and get this done, but depending on how things go I may just decide to enter the Jam instead, as that gives me a proper 2 days.  Kind of a bummer how the timing worked out and all, but that’s just how it goes!


I’m thinking to do a 2d platformer, as I think that really works for the mood/atmosphere I’m envisioning.  I have a central concept in my mind.  I’m scared that it won’t end up making for good gameplay, but I’m going to roll with it anyways and hope I can come up with good level design later =X

I was initially thinking to do video blogs of progress updates but I’m tossing that idea because I’d just make myself look like an awkward fool and I don’t want to waste time on unnecessary things anyways.  If I need to show you guys stuff I’ll just post screenshots instead!  But…right now I have nothing to show.  SO LET’S GET TO IT >=D

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