Visually: Progress 12 hours in

Perhaps the most annoying part currently is the fact that Unity is unable to automatically convert models I create in blender,

from its blend files into fbx when I would place the .blend files in the assets, Instead It keeps complaining that it cannot convert, and claims my blender is older than 2.49 (I am using 2.61). For now I’ll do this manually, but it slows down the process slightly. Anyway heres a screenie of the current progress:

I fixed issues with the skybox and made it much darker once I added a ground texture (will add more lighting soon). I then proceeded to create the only major structure that will be in the game, the gas station.

Still investigating into making the first person point-and-click mechanic to work . If anyone has any tutorials I could check out, feel free to leave a comment :)




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