a little past the halfway mark…

December 17th, 2011 7:25 pm

First, a screenshot…(click on it, it’s scaled down in the blog post.)


So, the game is going swimmingly, I think. I’m planning for 5 stages (each with two phases), I have two of those done so far, as well as most of the mechanics. Once I iron out the mechanics of the ending (gameplay influences the ending), I’m going to finish the level design (so there’s a game), then probably move on to making the tileset look less like crap.

It’s interesting to think about how to make the game design progressively more difficult. At the moment, the character really only jumps. I feel like the timer (anxiety-relieving pills) add a sense of urgency, which is a nice effect, well, maybe. I think added difficulty can come from different types of platforms (Shouldn’t be that hard to implement?), some small other interacting objects that affect the anxiety meter, etc…

I’m going to try to stretch out the difficulty as much as possible without implementing those things, first…I want to get at least a rough thing finished soon. Plus, I need to figure out how to make this work on windows. It works fine in chromium on ubuntu. Not sure why not windows – I thought the compilation process was cross-platform, but maybe not. I think I’m going to look into that now, actually…


Anyways, the plot of the game. Still more or less just absurd, but that’s okay – it’s more fun that way. I’m not really in the mood to, well, make a moody game of any sort.

Pretty excited to do the music for this. Since this game is slightly related to pavement, I might do some short mockup of one of their songs. I’m assuming I won’t be sued or anything, but hey. I’ve had some ideas for ways to incorporate music into the game other than the usual, but I’m leaving that for if time allows.


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