I’ve been sorta battling with creating a good skybox with photoshop. Took a while to figure out how to actually work with Cube maps, but the result is going to pretty interesting directions. Perhaps the most problematic thing that I might encounter is the sound world, as it would be a critical component in setting up the world around the player as they are alone in the middle of ‘nowhere’ as they are looking to alleviate their loneliness. I will possibly have to look through my existing sound libraries I have to have the best effect.

The only issue that I see right about now is the fact the resolution might have been too small, 256 making the sky box look at bit too low res. I will be increasing the size of it as time goes on an fixing the proportions of the sun correctly, but for now I’m focusing on the other aspects of the environment.

As of the moment I’m using the First person package in unity, however I will possibly end up rewriting that code, as soon as I can get my self more fully familiarized with it.

On the after setting up the sky box, I’ve been working on the some of the lights that will be in the scene: mainly the flickering light bulb that would. Shadows and lights will play an important role in my game in guiding the player to their destination.Unfortunately , I only have the basic free version of unity 3D, thus shadows will have to be crafted by hand into the scene, with various trickery which I will be experimenting with..

Being still -very- fresh to unity 3D, only having a week of practice on my belt, and its JS-like context (more of unityscript, some of these are completely unique to Unity) I’m possibly going to spend a bit too much time still learning the ropes, but lets see.

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