7 hours in

December 17th, 2011 2:11 am

the game’s calle d”Enslaving Davement”. more on that. github has readme and my notes which explain things, but I think i’m going to type an explanation after this is all over, so straight to how it’s going…


the skeleton of the game is implemented, more or less. there are sort of 4 states to the game:

Day, Night, Ending, Cutscenes.

The states, of course, are visited multiple times (except the tentative ending). In the day, you collect musical notes…for a certain purpose…while also trying to keep your impending feeling of doom and anxiety from growing….

Then, at night, you visit members of the band Davement’s house. You must try to keep your anxiety low, make your way to the person, and…

If time allows there will be cutscenes (read: plain text and pictures, nothing fancy) between stages or at least the intro/ending. I’m hoping the ending will take into account performance on each of the stages, and produce snarky commentary based on how you did.

Right, so:

framework: More or less there- transitioning, making sure crap carries over, handling deaths. nothing pretty, just the logic.

level design: HA.

graphics: crappy placeholders.

music/sfx: nope.


The next few hours I plan to try and polish up the flow of the gameplay’s skeleton – after the most worrisome part (the programming) for me is done, I can focus on the (relatively) easier creative aspects, which will fill things in.


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