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    Well then… That was humiliating.

    Posted by
    December 16th, 2011 4:27 pm

    So I spend a few days in Stencyl trying to create a  modular pathfinding system. I could have sworn I’ve checked hundreds of time if an open source pathfinding system was already in place. Only two hours before LD and after two days of bashing my head against dead end after dead end do I realize that there’s been such a system available for over a few months now. Furthermore it’s a lot cleaner, and a lot more effective then my own. I’m not sure if I should be happy because I finally have what I need, or I should be depressed because I have about 2k lines of code that are wasted.

    Well anyhow here’s my new tools of war list:
    Photoshop CS5
    Synfig Studio
    StencylWorks (Libraries: Box2D, Flixel, Epic’s Pathfinding.)
    Wolfram Tones/ MUSANGI (Depends on time availible)


    2 Responses to “Well then… That was humiliating.”

    1. AD-Edge says:

      Well, if anything you know how to write one yourself :) That counts as something.

    2. kotrenn says:

      Those lines will never be wasted. They have provided valuable lessons on organizing your code and your understanding of path finding.

      Or in game terms: you got xp out of it.

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