Together but alone

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December 16th, 2011 8:06 pm

So the theme of my first Ludum Dare is alone.  I, like many consider my self more of a programmer than an artist.  In fact, like many programmers I consider art to be a foreign and strange land which has very little connection to me.  I can’t draw.


The problem is that alone is a very atmospheric theme at first brush.  Isolation, a mood of silence and melancholy.  These tend to require at least some artistic chops.  I have decided to take a different route.  In my game the player will take control of everything.  Their characters, the enemies.  The player is truly alone, there are only game rules and not even an ai though it is a single player game.  However, there is another element to fit the theme.  Despite controlling multiple characters who need to work together if any of the characters enter the same room… they DIE!


They must support each other from afar, never coming together.  They are working as a team.  They are combining their skills.  But they are…. Alone.


And here is some of the artwork.  I’m using Alchemy to create highly stylised graphics.  That way the fact that I can’t draw doesn’t matter as much.


Some characters for he game

Test Sketeches

Kieren aka BilbyCoder.

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