The Game has a NAME!

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December 16th, 2011 9:36 pm

Which is odd, this early on. I must be getting better at this whole rapid game creation thing. The name is “Dwarven Isolation”. It is about preventing dwarves from mining into each other, which is important since dwarven handshakes cause catastrophic explosions (but I’m sure a smart reader like you knew that). The dwarves, of course, are attracted to shiny objects, like gold or treasure, and are quite good at whacking stuff and making solid rock walls go away.

More seriously, here’s my entire design document.

Dwarven Isolation
The game starts out with a maze through rock and ore. Several dwarves enter, and begin walking around and mining stuff. The goal is to earn as much money as possible before two dwarves meet.

Capabilities of the Player
-The player can place treasure chests and valuable ore.
-The player can place hard rocks on the path.
-The player can place traps which kill or injure dwarves.
-The player cannot do anything in direct view of a dwarf.

Rules of the Dwarves
-If two dwarves see each other, they will run towards each other. Unless there is a trap already in place, this is certain doom.
-Dwarven line of sight extends infinitely in all directions.
-As dwarves mine, they become better at mining and do it faster.
-If a dwarf sees treasure, they will run towards it. This is not as strong as seeing another dwarf.
-If a dwarf finds a body, they will scream, alerting all in a radius. They will find the fastest way, including mining things. You’ll probably have to kill someone else if they find a body. Yeah, it won’t end well.

And, if possible, ACHIEVEMENTS! Gotta love achievements!

What’s done right now:
Line of sight stuff is done.
Half of pathfinding is done (which really isn’t significant; it’s just A*).

What needs to be done:
Everything not listed above.

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