I’ve decided several things about my LD entry, and these are final.

  • I will use JavaScript and HTML5 for my game
  • I will try to spend the jam day on a nice page for the game
  • I will not decide on my game concept until the theme is announced
  • I will not change ideas half-way through (not this time)
  • I will not give up, I will never surrender

I have some promises for everyone here, especially those who know me.

  • I will keep my emotions under control
  • I won’t decide that I don’t have the stamina to continue
  • I will sacrifice sleep if necessary
  • I won’t decide half-way through that my game is rubbish
  • I will use my time effectively
  • I won’t spend half of the time on scaffold code

This time, things are different. This time, this time, this time I will give it my all.


Failure is always an option!

Peace, love, and courage in the face of the inevitable,

– Henry

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  1. hamster_mk_4 says:

    So many crap games are made because the makers are too afraid of failure to try something new. Go forth brave coder and risk the failure for it will make your victory so much sweeter.

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