So i’m in. Here is my codebase…

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December 16th, 2011 6:48 pm

So i decided to enter this LD – finishing is another matter though since i was never good with deadlines :-P. But there is always the Jam i suppose…


I decided to use the code i wrote these days for viewing/walking around maps made with my 3d world editor in Java and LWJGL. So, as advised by the sages in #ludumdare, i declare here that i will use this codebase. I’m not sure what i’m supposed to do about the 3d world editor, so although i got told that its ok i decided to make an emergency release since the latest one doesn’t include the lightmapper or entity support. Unfortunately i don’t have a Windows or Linux box available at the moment so i can only provide Mac OS X binaries. In any case, in the file below you’ll find my “ld22-devkit”: (4MB)

The devkit contains:

  • Runtime World 1.0 alpha 2.99, special ld22 build (this is a full build, including the docs, example textures, world files, etc)
  • Runtime World Walker for Java/LWJGL (which is now mutated beyond a simple walker and is a -awful- codebase for making 3D games with RTW files)
  • Example code in RWW ( for picking up coins and stuff.
  • Prelightmapped rtw file, model, etc for the code above
  • LWJGL binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (so that the example can be tried right out of the box) and scripts to launch the “game” from Windows, Linux or Mac OS X with proper parameters, etc

Even if you don’t use my codebase you might find the last one useful if you plan to distribute your LWJGL game and have no idea how to do that :-P. If you just want to try the example/test “game”, you can find it here (this is what i’m going to use as a base anyway): (1.8MB)

And you can watch a video of it here. If you use Runtime World you’ll probably want to use your own entities – for these, modify the entities.lil file from the scripts subfolder. The format is register-user-entity <name> <group> <size> (size can be actually two or three arguments for width/depth and height or width, height, depth).

My personal set of tools, etc is:

  • OS: Mac OS X Lion (iMac)
  • Language: Java
  • Libraries: LWJGL, own codebase (mentioned above)
  • IDE: Eclipse (with some MacVim for non-Java editing)
  • Graphics: Pixelmator, Blender, Runtime World (mentioned above)
  • Sound: ….eh, what ?
  • Video Capture: custom BASH script to make screen captures
  • Video Tools: ffmpeg, iMovie
  • Other Stuff: Colloquy for IRC, Cyberduck for FTP, Slayradio for background noise

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