Preparations for the Weekend

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December 16th, 2011 3:55 pm

Pinkie Pie is ready for the competition.

So, I’m cleaning my desk and room, getting my tools in order and preparing for the big weekend, when some of my friends walk up to my door bearing gifts of the pony kind. Pinkie Pie is now a member of the team, along with her remarkably-similar-to-the-Water-Medallion snowflake thing. (Does this make me ineligible for the Dare?)

Workspace shot after the jump.

This feels very unusual for me, having a clean desk. This only happens once every year, right before Christmas. I promise that I don’t watch American Football. I said the same thing last year and I still haven’t gotten a mouse pad to replace it.

One final conclusive list of tools:

  • Eclipse for Java
  • Sun Java SE 7
  • jMonkeyEngine 3 (one of the nightlies, probably 12/15/2011), using an orthographic camera mode to use it for 2D stuff
  • bfxr for sound effects
  • PXTone for music (shoutout to Pixel @amaya_pixel for being awesome)
  • TileStudio for sprites, tiles, and levels
  • Notepad++ for everything else
  • iTunes for Internet radio (and deserves a mention here)
I will be releasing the code under the Modern BSD license once the game is finished, as per the LD48 rules regarding submissions. Nothing unusual for my works, and jME uses it as well so no special multi-license crap either.

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  1. kotrenn says:

    Wait, where did Pinkie go in the second shot?

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