No turning back

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December 16th, 2011 5:14 am

Less then 15 hours are left to go,
People are anxious but the theme is unknown,
And I swear to the powers that be,
That if Kittens are chosen, as our main quest,
I shall make a game featuring billions of kittens beaten to death!

Now that I took that off my shoulders, it’s time for the actual post. So, I said a few good 6 pages back that I’m in, and this is my first Ludum Dare. Got everything set up, both my pc’s and got me enough food to last for this 48 hours. My dev environment looks like this:

(Do not look at the milk and biscuits bowl hiding behind the laptop!!!)

And I’m going to be eating and drinking this pile of so-not-healthy-but-tasty-and-yummy garbage (5 pizza’s, 5 can’s of black coffee, 2 bottles of milk, allot of instant soup and 10 X 3-in-1 packs of coffee + sweets).

Also bought like 6 packs of cigars, because hey, less oxygen = more inspiration, right?

Anyway, I’m going to stream everything (including me sleeping like a wittle pwincess with my wittle hamster) on Livestream, so tune in if you wanna give feedback or plan on screwing around with my mind. I’ve also taken the liberty of sending my room mate and his fiance out of town for the weekend, for peace and quiet. Screenshoots are going to be uploaded hourly on my dropbox account, and spammed on twitter (I’m sure gonna loose allot of followers).


That’s about it. Can’t wait for the compo to start!

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  1. Sawtan says:

    hehe looks like you’re prepared alright! I bought a 6-pack of cheep beer and a bag of potato chips for the startshoot! Looks like I’m in anyway (Fagertveit at Twitter, they didn’t like that alias so I took my other instead).

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