Okay, well, that’s the spirit of Ludum Dare Classic, but also the theme.


Interesting, I suppose – taking elements from an JRPG with a party combat system and putting them into a solo game. Irony, I suppose, but I think I can make this work.


Got my folder system setup now:


And thinking of doing a shadowy-style game – mostly thinking of making the enemies shadows. Or making the player a shadow in a world full of light, but I’m not fully sold on that one – don’t want to make this too Limbo-y-like.


Anyways, that’s my plan. Just finished setting up Flash now, so working on getting some symbols down.


What I do know so far as a plan:


Background: Pale Yellow, lighting mechanics light up yellow sections to brighter yellow, possibly four levels of brightness, actually:


Black: Shadow Monsters all around (If non-shadow self, else no one here, and ignore the rest of this statement), really sluggish, but really powerful, and really hard to destroy – also hard to see them. Main character in this case would be fastest he can be, weaker than anything else in here, and can be seen very clearly. May be implemented just using really slow slowdown for enemies, as that let’s the player still maintain control of their character. Light Monsters blindingly fast, really, really weak though, and very easy to spot;


Dark Pale Yellow:¬†Shadow Monsters regular speed, still relatively strong, easy to see, main character is slightly less faster, doesn’t stand out as much Light characters regular speed, not quite as weak as before.


Light Pale Yellow/Pure White: Vice Versa, more or less.


Bit ugly for a light/dark theme, but I haven’t really fully decided on the character.


If I have monsters on both sides, perhaps making him the lone person able to trascend both areas, and he’s collecting pieces of each world to…I dunno, unite them? Kind of shaky, but if I do that, then I want to add an effect where you become part of the area’s type if you stay there too long…and have some sort of dynamic lighting with light switches or such.


Haven’t quite thought that too far yet, but something along those lines.





On the aside, however:


You can always find me on Twitter during the event, I’d think.

But also, checking out Google Hangouts right now, so if you want to drop by, it should be here:




Let me know if this link doesn’t work.

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