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December 16th, 2011 9:10 pm

EDIT: If anyone was interested in this, it is now offline. I’m working on cleaning things up and making things far better, now that I have a bit more time. Hopefully it can be done by the next Ludum Dare!

For Ludum Dare, I wanted to have some sort of live progress updater so people could see how things are going.

So I decided to start a project called JAMR. However, I didn’t have enough time to finish it or get it as full-featured as I wanted. I wanted to create a PHP-based webapp with a backend for developers, and live updating for users.

It would feature an HP bar, the developer’s current status, and screenshots. On top of this, it was going to have a history feature for the screens so users can see how the game is evolving. It would also have an area for developer updates. Once again, this was all supposed to update live, so users would simply open the page and leave it.

However, I did not have time to implement, well, any of this. So instead I made this little HTML page that requires manual updating and uploading. It features the same HP bar, developer status, and updates that the full version is supposed to, but without any of the nice shiny features.

Anyway, point is, you can see my JAMR page here if you want to track my progress. This requires manual refreshing, though.

After Ludum Dare is done with, I hope I can finish the full-featured version of JAMR so others can use it in future jams and competitions.

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