I’m in – LD22

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December 16th, 2011 1:13 am

Hi. I’ve promised myself that I would join in the next time plenty of times now, but I have always found excuses, this time is for real!

I’m not a good programmer and I mostly have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ll try to put something together that at least can be mistaken for a game by a casual user. :)


I Haven’t decided in 100% what tools I’ll use, that will depend on the theme and the game I’ll build. But the tools/languages/libraries I’ll choose from are:





Flash AS3



(I’ve really never done anything real in AS3 or Flixel (except for a quick test game), I just checked it out this week, but this is a good time as any to learn it I guess)



Visual Studio 2010




Paint.net for “pretty” pictures

Musagi or famitracker for “music”

SFXR for sound (suprise!)

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3 Responses to “I’m in – LD22”

  1. GreaseMonkey says:

    XNA doesn’t work on anything that isn’t Windows, and by that I mean it won’t work in Wine or Mono. In other words, SAY NO TO XNA (until there’s a version for not-Windows).

    I say give Java a crack, but Flash should be OK too.

    Why do you want it to work on not-windows? Because I vote more nicely than the average voter and I don’t use windows :)

  2. Suese says:

    Suese says ” use what you are most familiar with!”.

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