Ok, since I had my idea perfectly clear, I went ahead and wrote my design document. For the document, I use a template shared by Mike Birkhead on Gamasutra.

The game brief is this:

ENOLA is a first/third person exploration game. Player will explore the desloate environment, finding clues as to what happened, until reaching the final destination. The game introduces only one (faceless) character, which is in fact the player, and takes place in some sort of limbo from which the player must escape.

The reason why I state first/third person is because I am not sure if I’ll have the chance to code the third person part, as well as create a third person character, although I thought of something that could really help me save a lot of time (hint: Journey)

So, you see it’s a very simple idea. As you read above, the title of the game is ENOLA, which is actually ALONE spelled backwards. It will make sense as you see more of the game :)

For inspiration, I’m using Limbo:

Now that the document is finished, sleep. Tomorrow, rise and shine Mister Freeman… rise and shine…

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