Day 1 – Postmortem

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December 16th, 2011 11:40 pm

My progress so far:

There’s a level with solid tiles and tiles you walk through.  Enemies use basic pathing to find you.  The player has a weapon, which fires bullets.  The sprites onscreen are sorted by depth, so they don’t have that nasty sorting hting where you;re in front of someone and on their face.  But I disgress.

Tomorrow: bullets kill things.  Enemies are spawned.  More weapons.  An artist friend is stopping by to help finish the music my brother made and to do art.

Sunday: I expect the basic game works by then.  More weapons, finishing art, testing.  Probably score stuff, menu and title, maybe more enemy types.

Monday: Testing, testing, testing!  Then testing of the distribution to the only other Windows machine in the house, which went badly last LD.  Sorry I use XNA, all.

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