Barnaby Bear is All Alone

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December 16th, 2011 10:29 pm

So I was going to make a bear-and-apocalypse-themed game earlier this month, but the fact that I could also make a bear-and-apocalypse themed game for LD has not escaped me.  So I’m going to scrap all the one image I had made for that game so far and make this game instead.  Anyway if you’re interested in the original idea or think I’m plagiarizing earlier work read after the cut. :)



So basically an adventure game made in Adventure Game Studio, graphics made in Inkscape, and maybe some music, if I have the time for it, made in Fruity Loops or just recorded acoustically.  The game will be primarily first-person, since animating would take a while and I gotta work tomorrow.

The jist of the story is: All your friends thought the world was ending, so they left on a rocket ship and live on the moon.  They would have brought you, but you just wouldn’t wake up!  Anyway, since you’re down here still and nothing has ended, you should find a way to contact them so they come back, since it’s pretty lonely here now.

About the other game:

The other game’s story was that the world really was going to end and you had to gather your friends and take them away.  I hadn’t done any programming on the game so far, just on the engine that it was going to use.  (Flash & xml-based)  I hadn’t done any art on it except for the concept picture in the thread linked above.  So yeah, everything for this game is original in the sense that I’m making it all from scratch starting about an hour ago.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that out in the open so that no one would get suspicious.

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  1. TeamEpsilon says:

    This is quite awesome, simply beautiful… and sooo CUUUUUUTE :3
    Thumbs up to yo, good sir, for you have one the interwebz (on a stick)

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