Plan: Finish.

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December 16th, 2011 8:28 am

I’m in. The entirety of the plan is: Write game, and FINISH PROJECT BEFORE END OF DEADLINE.

Server side: emacs/jed; python; some fastcgi implementation that I worry about later.
Client side: multiple browsers (modern) and I don’t care if IE doesn’t work. _Period._ Jquery. Debug tools.
Code side: Textmate; ipython; git.
Mindmap/brainstorm side: android tablet awesome notes.
drawing side: android tablet + autodesk sketch, maybe graphx2, maybe gimp, maybe photoshop.

Now, I need to prepare some stuff, go to the store, be sure I’ve got bread or rice stuff, apples; I have beer and I should avoid that and gin; I have tea.

Topic wise: I’m fine with any. I’ve pre-thought out some ideas. Those ideas work surprizingly well with most any concept I can throw at it; so the mindmap/brainstorm bit will be … unruly.

I need to set out music for the next 2 days. Scenesat may have periods of “crap I do not want to listen to right now” and I should _avoid_ EYEHATEGOD due to the darkness (outside.) Really I may just do the whole weekend with drone and the occasional period of xpander.

Oh, and, I should update all the server side components and be sure I’m all set for that. Yep. I think I’m fairly well set for planning. I wonder how exporting that stuff from the tablet will work… should see that too.


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