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    Welcome to Ludum Dare 22!

    Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
    December 15th, 2011 5:13 pm

    It’s nearly time to kick off our latest and greatest event yet: Ludum Dare 22. Final Round theme voting now live, so go cast your vote for the theme. Prior results are here.


    Like last time, join us LIVE in the #ludumdare IRC channel on irc.afternet.org for the Theme Announcement! Can’t make it? Follow us on Twitter, or sign up for the mailing list.

    This time around there are several real world jams and gatherings going on over the weekend, far more than we’ve ever had. For a complete list, go here.

    Also, since live video streams seem popular lately, we’ve set up a link on the front page for them. Find a complete list over here.

    We’re running on a brand new server, introduced (unfortunately) half way through the last event. We (Phil specifically) went through and did a lot of optimizations to our site code. Removing excessive SQL queries, disabling unnecessary plugins, and making numerous other tweaks. We’re hoping this time we have it right. We’ll be keeping a close eye to make sure everything still works. If we’re lucky, Phil and I will have a chance to make entries ourselves! :)

    On with the festivities!

    Keynote TRIPLE Feature!

    First up is long time veteran Fydo. I’ve been trying to recruit him to do a keynote for a while now. Finally, on a whim, he said yes, and this is this result:

    Next up is LD veteran NeiloGD. He wanted to do a keynote, several folks in the #LudumDare IRC wanted him to do a keynote, so who are we to argue?

    Finally, Sos and Dogbomb present the “I’m In” video compilation! 22 minutes of you, you, and you. You too!

    So there you have it. 30 minutes of prepared video content, and several live video streams broadcasting over the weekend. And who-knows how many timelapse videos by the end.

    Lets see if we can break 599 entries this time.


    28 Responses to “Welcome to Ludum Dare 22!”

    1. Porter says:

      Looks like I’ll finally be joining my first Ludum Dare, should be a good time :)

    2. Jonny D says:

      Oh Fydo. That last part was so dumb! I loved it!

    3. Bloodyaugust says:

      My game made it in the first 3 minutes…
      *sniff* so proud!

    4. Winterblood says:

      Yay, Dogbomb breaking my game gets another outing! :)

    5. tunnel says:

      anyone elses date off? i am 99% sure its not the 16-19th

    6. Manuel777 says:

      I want neil’s t-shaartt!! gwwwaaa!!!

      Awesome vids folks, i really enjoy theese :)

    7. Jacic says:

      Wait, aren’t Portal jokes always cool? :p

      I’m not too upset that my video got cut. The lighting and sound were absolutely terrible.

    8. DragonSix says:

      Please be parallel dimensions. This theme opens so many possibilities of great level design and fun stuff.

    9. Adding more game-footage to the keynotes is brilliant. Makes this a lot more viewer-friendly.

    10. Argh, my video got cut too. Oh well, stuff happens. Anyway, I loved Fydo’s keynote. Great job you guys!

    11. Randomasta says:

      Please, please make the theme randomly generated evolution, had a good idea for that one

    12. bigbadwofl says:

      I’ll be giving LD a try this time. Good luck to everyone attempting the impossible!

    13. Folis says:

      Oh. My video got deleted. I don’t care. You’re gonna have to put up with me for >40 minutes if you’re gonna watch “48 Hours” – http://bit.ly/vP0LWB – anyways.

    14. orange08 says:

      If the theme is good I will definitely enter :)

    15. TehWut says:

      If it is honestly kittens, there will be hell to pay. Really. I will find your house via the World Map. It’s true.

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