Time Budgeting for LD

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December 15th, 2011 8:27 am

Hmm after a week of practice with Unity, trying to do the warmup LD (however not being very successful on the time side, as got some final exams still on this weeks :(, but that happens, atleast I’m learning alot of things, and been taking lots and lots of notes. ),

I’ve come to the conclusion that I should seriously concentrate work on game play instead of graphics for the LD first. Especially since I will be dealing with 3D space instead (and not pixel graphics).

Its gonna slightly annoying to deal with this especially with minor OCD over 3D models and textures. Perhaps I should have focused AS3 and Flixel/FlashPunk instead of this, but with the latest moves of Adobe to stop mobile flash, I think this actually may be the better choice, although Android or HTML5 may also have been good choices as well.

But, My time should be budgeted:- and as I know I shouldn’t stay awake for too long on the day I will be doing a 14 hour long flight in an aluminum can (and should have a healthy 8 hours of sleep that day before getting on the plane, just so that I dont have any issues during a flight. I’ll probably have to run a few miles as well just to get my blood flowing for a bit, after hours on sitting down and coding.)

Total amount of sleep will be restricted to 8 hours: atleast 4 hours on the first night, and then 4 hours before the competition is over. This results to my time being restricted to an actual 40 hours:

Budgeting this I should be done with the core game play within 20 hours> 10 hours extra for extra game/design, with the rest focusing on polish on the graphics and sound side. If I’m lucky, the theme might be something which I could manage :)

Or on the other hand, it is very likely that I have to throw the entire time budget out of the window and not sleep 😀

Anyway in short: I have setup and my workspace is ready: Too bad my secondary screen went dead, so I’ll be using my laptop for my IRC and document check up.

It is ready for some action


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