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December 15th, 2011 6:09 am

I’m in!

This will be my second LD. My first entry’s scope was simply far too big, and it never saw the light of day. This time I’ve come back with a graphics/control toolkit of my own design, JLayer to help out with music playback, and a promise-to-self to spend more time in design and be ruthless in cutting out the fat.┬áThis year the whole shebang will also be in jnlp/Java Web Start, so you can launch it directly from the site.

A couple notes on tools: Sfxr/bfxr is absolutely invaluable for sound effects. Gimp is no replacement for Adobe Photoshop, no matter what open source evangelists say. Renoise and Reason/Rebirth are extremely powerful all-in-one music studios.

Finally, I have had my brain filled with cool ideas all year. I’m dying to use steganography┬áto embed the levels into something else. There are UDP tricks I’ve been meaning to implement. Story ideas that haven’t seen prime time… yet. And they may not in the next couple days either. I have to be ruthless about these things. When the theme is revealed, I’ll start designing all kinds of crazy stuff. (seriously, people have asked me what I’m smoking. I’m not!) Then I’m going to kill my baby, crossing off more than half the things I want to put in until I have something I can implement in 24 hours, even though the compo is 48. If all goes well, for half of the compo I’ll be ‘done’ with my entry and adding pure gravy. If not, well, good thing I crossed those things off.


Good luck to everyone! Many of my favorite flash games came from Prior LD’s (yes, that was a pun), so I can’t wait to play what you’re writing! This is not an easy challenge, but keep plodding on – I believe in you.


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