First comp! A little framework maybe

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December 15th, 2011 8:00 am

I am super excited.  I have missed the last 4 competitions by several days. (forgetting to check often enough)

I just checked today, 1 day before event and actually am going to have a little prep time and am really really excited because itll be my first time.  I will be using Java,  though I haven’t programmed in Java in 5+ months due to C++ related school classes. Also haven’t done anything game related in a long time, so I’ll be hitting it pretty cold, but thats okay.

I just wnated to say framework blah blah
Java,  Possibly LWJGL and/or Slick2D.   and will be using some generic java4k template or maybe Perlins template cause I like his too. Though I have been considering using one of Notch’s old templates for one of his old LD games. Seems to work well.  Its less than 100 lines of code. Nothing special just update loop.

Pretty much I am going to try and do this as cold and empty as possible from the start. Probably mspaint or for most art, either that or 100% ingame procedural.

edit: I have considered trying C++ and using Qt, Ive never ever used it before, but i think it can be used to help make some basic 2d games and stuff?

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