My LD Gift

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December 15th, 2011 7:13 am

My LD secret santa gift arrived today! I’ve got no idea who’s it’s from – there’s nothing in or on the package to identify the sender, except an Irish stamp. What’s inside?

Alcohol! 😀

Oh, there’s something else in here…

More alcohol! Magnificent 😀

There’s also this game design book, which I don’t know much about but will have a look through over Christmas:

And best of all, a BAH HUMBUG Santa hat:

Thanks very much, Santa!


7 Responses to “My LD Gift”

  1. Shifty says:

    HAHA awesome, you will tell if the book is good ! As well as the alcohol 😀

  2. ericdpitts says:

    Oh god that’s awesome.

  3. ratking says:

    The book is great, have it myself! :)

  4. Jiyko says:

    I got a bunch of alcohol super cheap for Christmas so I figured why not share.

    …. I didn’t realise you were “that” Terry Cavanagh, developer of VVVVV and Don’t look back, you have the Game Design part of the gift down already 😛

  5. mrfun says:

    Glad it worked out and went to Terry! Do we have any under-age secret santas? Wondering if one of these days we’re going to end up having to explain to some kid’s mom why we sent a him a bottle of vodka

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